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Our sauerkraut is being produced at the Stony Brook University Business Incubator at Calverton - a shared facility that makes it possible to start a company without incurring high infrastructure costs. We use the gluten-free room to ensure that the kraut doesn't get contaminated with gluten and nuts. We don't use any machinery or commercial slicers - everything is done by hand. It is then slowly fermented for 28 days. We are committed to produce only the best all natural and organic foods.

My name is Nadia Ernestus and I am a Health Coach. I have been teaching people how to change their eating and lifestyle habits for better health, start eating natural and organic foods, cooking beautiful easy healthy meals, including live raw foods. One of my most popular workshops has been the one about fermentation. I want everyone to experience the amazing benefits of real natural probiotics! But even though I gave recipes and techniques to make fermented vegetables easily, most people wanted to know where they could buy them. That's how the idea of making it available for sale came about.